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We gladly provide guidance, expert opinion, and in-depth product knowledge for any car, truck or SUV from the current model year or any year pre-owned car. Our goal is to empower you with information so you can make a smart decision in your best interests. 


If you'd rather have us with you when you visit the show room, or if you'd rather not go anywhere near the showroom, we can handle the purchasing of your new or pre-owned car working on your behalf.  We save you the time and aggravation of being subjected to the gimmicks and games played by car dealers and salespeople. We cut through the chase and get you the best deal without the BS.  


We don't provide direct financing but will connect you with trusted financial partners to provide simple access to funds at the best possible rates. We do not receive any financial incentives from any lending institution, where car dealers do.

We offer complete auto maintenance and repair services through our own shop. We are award winning experts in every make and model of car. Schoen Place Auto's focus is to provide an honest, caring experience when it comes to car repairs. 

High ethical standards are a constant journey that never ends and can never be taken for granted.  It is these standards that define how we act and behave each and every day!


There is no room in our business for deception or dishonesty - ever!  All advice, information, and transactions are honest and accurate - Always!

Our Knowledge

We know which vehicle to avoid based on reliability problems


We know which model years are better for a particular vehicle

We help you determine the best way to maximize the value of your car investment over the time period you own the car

We make sure you are aware of all the possible vehicles that could best meet your transportation needs.

We regularly study the wholesale and retails car markets to determine a fair price for the vehicles you are interested in


When the time comes, we can help you resell your vehicle and purchase a replacement, working in your best interests


Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us.


Maintenance & Repairs

Our Business Ethics

A Service of Schoen Place Auto